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Hi Mystic Moments, we want to find out a little more about you. What aromatherapy treats do you use throughout your day?

The Armstrong Family, USA.

Armstrong family, first of all, I'd like to say a big thank you for showing interest in my exciting life and all the way from the USA as well, how about that! But in all honesty, you’re not the first to, and you certainly won’t be the last. One word to describe my life? Crazy, absolutely bonkers. Every day of my life is full of exciting twists and turns, no day the same as the other. Here's something you won't believe, Ke$ha's song 'Tik Tok' was based on yours truly! I wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy and always brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack... Who am I kidding? If that’s what all the ‘cool kids’ are doing, count me out. I want to wake up feeling like ‘today is going to be a good day’ and with a great positive attitude like that in the morning what can go wrong? This whole brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack thing sounds pretty dangerous, call me old fashioned but I’d rather use a toothbrush and a little bit of Colgate (Triple Protection). My life is rather monotonous and dull, but that is just the way I like it. I don't require constant stimulation or exuberant adventures, all I need is aromatherapy. These aromatherapy 'treats' as you like to call them, keep me ticking all day and all night. People talk about soulmates and love at first sight; you know who stole my heart? Mystic Moments. I have a funny feeling a lot of people have been waiting for this day, the day you get an inside scoop into the life of Mr Moments. #TheHypeIsReal


Rise and Shine


Beep! Beep! (That is my alarm o'clock). The time is 7 o'clock, which can only mean one thing, a one-way ticket to my bedside diffuser. I like to start the day with a very special scent to me, 'Morning Glory'. Some may see this name in a negative light, but you know what, it makes me seize the day, Carpe Diem. This blend is minty, zesty, and it's a bit of me. I also accompany this with a little bit of James Brown, 'Sex Machine' and as the song goes, 'I get on up' out of my bed and whack on my running pants! Without this delightful combo of Morning Glory and Sex Machine, I wouldn't even feel ready to start my day. It's time to get me some exercise! I usually head to my local park and try to run a respectable 3 miles. Exercise gets my body purring, meowwww! It also helps to increase my productivity and gets my endorphins going. I feel more awake, more alive and therefore ready to tackle the day, it's an injection of energy that gives me some of that much needed, Mental Clarity.


Gripped? I bet you are. After a sweaty run, I get back home by about half 7, sometimes 20 past depending on how rapid I am. It's time for a shower because I stink! I don't know if you guys have heard of our 'Create Your Own' range or not, but I'm personally a big fan. During shower time the 'Solid Seaweed Seashell Shampoo' has been spot on! Not only am I a big fan of alliteration I also love a bit of seaweed. Seaweed mixed with a little bit of April Showers makes for a scent like no other. Mark my words, by 2020, everyone will have 'Solid Seaweed Seashell Shampoo' in their bathrooms. Reason being, it's a necessity that I honestly believe could rival toilet roll. 'Best thing since sliced bread!' my mum told me, and that's a compliment if I've ever heard one. Anyway, long story cut short; I use this during my shower. It lathers up well and smells pretty remarkable.


After I dry myself off, next thing on my hitlist is... moisturising! As you can tell from the picture above, I like to apply it all over my body gently. Doing little love hearts as I go along. Armstrong's, I don't know what you use in your family home, but I definitely have a recommendation. Once again it is a 'Create Your Own' kit. Not only do you get the excitement of making it yourself, but you also know what ingredients are actually in it. Shop bought items, you have no idea, and that's one of the main reasons I love the 'Mystic Make Off Body Butter'. Also, the video that goes alongside it is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Hammy and Crommers, what a couple of clowns! The kit includes all the ingredients you would ever want, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and so on. It even includes Rosemary and Spearmint essential oils to scent the butter, a lot of bang for the buck if you know what I mean ;). I have a jar of this beauty at home and use it every morning religiously, once you pop, you won't stop! Then I have my brekkie, and jump in my car at usually half 8 and head to work.


Working it

09:03 Once again my clock at work is wrong, it must be 3 minutes fast, because I'm definitely not late... To have the perfect working day, I know exactly what I have to do. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Only kidding! As I said previously my morning run gives me a bit of mental clarity and to carry on that theme, I have a 'Mental Clarity Reed Diffuser' by my desk at all times. My relationship with my Reed Diffuser is comparable to the bond between a baby and its mother, unbreakable. Taking this reed diffuser away from me is like taking a bone from a Rottweiler, it won't end nicely. It's a refreshing scent that contains Grapefruit, Bergamot, Basil and Lemon. This scent + healthy food + 3 litres of water, makes for a cracking day!

14:30 Apologies for the picture above, I had a concept in my head, a vision, and that was to be able to show you a picture that accurately represented sore lips. The logic you say? Having a copious amount of nails in your mouth will inevitably lead to sore lips. The end result? A complete fail, but I have potentially created a new character to join the X-men. Nail Mouth - can fire nails from her mouth at an alarming rate. Back to business, I regularly have sore lips which make lip balms particularly handy. I personally prefer to make my own and followed a DIY Lip Balm recipe posted by Mystic Moments itself. This is perfect for me as I'm a citrus lover, Lemon and Lime is delicious! I've also heard down the grapevine that they will soon introduce this as a CYO kit, which I can't wait to see!


With work out of the way, I now face my next obstacle. As the clock strikes 6, the time for games begins, it's football time! I love the game wholeheartedly, the banter, the adrenaline, the teamwork, it's all there, and it's great for you! If you haven't already clocked on, exercise = good. With equations like this, I could certainly give Einstein a run for his money. The only problem is, for me anyway, around 6 o'clock fatigue starts to creep in. I've had a long day, and I'm only human but fortunate for me I have some tricks up my sleeve! Say a big hello to 'Revitalise Essential Oil Blend'. All I do is put a few drops on my 'Tree of Life Bracelet' and give that a big old whiff from time to time. The oils in Revitalise are reputed to leave you bursting with energy. My word is Law; this blend is fabulous! It ticks all boxes and leaves me raring to go.


My life isn't all glitz and glam, and sometimes I have to do the hard graft. Definitely not one of my favourite household chores, but laundry has to be done. Yes, it's boring, but not if you include Essential Oils in the mix. I use the blend 'Four Thieves Essential Oil Blend' in my washing and I always will. The reason for this is because it contains oils that support the immune system, possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and more importantly smells excellent. Below is how I generally incorporate essential oils into my laundry routine.

Firstly I add a few drops of essential oil into my bottle of unscented laundry detergent and give it a good shake, and then add more accordingly. The amount of oil all depends on the size of your bottle and your personal preference. I personally like it rather strong so usually go between the 5-10 drop mark.

Secondly, I get a small towel and slightly dampen it. Then I add Four Thieves to it and toss it in my dryer and let it scent my clothes, preferably on a lower heat.

Sometimes I even grab a cotton ball or cotton pad and add my essential oil to it. Then tuck several into each drawer, this is a simple way to get the natural aroma into your clothes. Then from time to time, I refresh the cotton balls.


Counting Sheep


It's finally time to kick my feet up and relax before bedtime. I usually like to chill in my lounge, book in hand, with the sweet scents of either 'Aquarius Essential Oil Blend' or 'Air Essential Oil Blend' polluting my surroundings. If you haven't guessed already, I'm an Aquarius! These blends enhance my Aquarian and Elemental traits and once again smell lovely. Let's have a look at their descriptions.

Aquarius EOB This blend contains oils that can help soften the hard-headed and stubborn personality traits of an Aquarian. Also contains oils that are very beneficial in helping to improve poor circulation.

Well I completely disagree with that, they are obviously completely wrong, and I won't be led to believe otherwise. Hmm, maybe I am a touch stubborn.

Air EOB The Air element contains oils that promote communication, travel, intellect, eloquence, divination, freedom, wisdom, inspiration and imagination. Strengths include being thoughtful, witty, charming, carefree, independent and flexible.

Oh my, that is so me! I really am a modern day prince charming! Check out the website and look into your own Starsigns and Elements!


I do love a bubble bath, and it has also been scientifically proven to promote sleep before bed. According to studies, increasing our body temperatures before bed can help us feel sleepier, leading to a more relaxed time falling asleep, and a higher quality of rest once we do. The main reason for my bath tonight though will be body recovery; hence I'll be using the 'Aches and Pains Bath Salts'. 3 mile run in the morning, football in the evening, it's time to sit back and let these salts work their magic. Another enjoyable experience pioneered by Mystic Moments.


It's finally time for bed, what an unbelievably exciting day! To get the sleep I deserve, I now put 'Sleep Assisting Essential Oil Blend' in my Bluetooth Diffuser. I kid you not; this makes me drift off so quickly, so quick in fact, that I don't even have to count sheep. There is also the alternative that should never be forgotten, 'Sweet Dreams Scented Oil Blend'. This oil blend is a lot sweeter than sleep assisting, but equally delightful. I don't always go to sleep straight away as I'm a bit of a rebel at times, but I do plan to be asleep by at least 11 o'clock every night. I can't stress the importance of a healthy and consistent sleep routine enough. It is crucial for you to be able to wake up full of life and be a 'BOSS' the next day. As you can see, my love for aromatherapy is unquestionable. So much so, that as soon as I wake up, I'll be doing it all over again, my life is like Groundhog Day.

Thanks for asking such a great question Armstrong family and I hope you love the answer :)


Final Verdict

Let's have a look at the scores on the doors! It look like we have a tie for first place, I can't believe what I'm seeing here folks! Morning Glory - 10/10

CYO SSSS - 10/10

CYO MMO BB - 10/10

Mental Clarity Reed Diffuser - 10/10

Lemon & Lime Lip Balm - 10/10

Revitalise - 10/10

Four Thieves - 10/10

Aquarius - 10/10

Air - 10/10

Aches & Pains Bath Salts - 10/10

Sleep Assisting - 10/10

Sweet Dreams - 10/10

In my humble opinion, all of these products are as good as one another. They all play a big part in my life and routine, they're like family to me. So, it is impossible for me to put one higher than the other, it would be inflammatory of me to do so.



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Peace out & God Bless x

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