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The History of Lime

For some reason, Lime always seems to be overshadowed by Lemon when citrus is summoned for in a specific dish or even cleaning products. Albeit, these gorgeous green fruits boast just as many nutritional perks as their yellow coloured counterpart. Limes are produced from a small evergreen tree and are a small, bitter fruit which is green in colour with a green fleshy interior.

History suggests Limes originated in Southeast Asia and were then introduced around the 10th century into Northern Africa and Egypt. During the 13th century, they were introduced into Spain and from there throughout the rest of Europe. Columbus took these bitter fruits with him on his second voyage in 1493, which resulted in the plants being cultivated in the Caribbean climate. The Limes produced in the warmer West Indies were frequently used by British explorers in aid to prevent scurvy. Mainly down to Limes containing high amounts of Vitamin C. Limes were introduced to the United States in the 16th century when Spanish explorers brought them to the Florida Keys.


Lime in Numbers

PRICE 9/10

This oil is excellent value for money. A 10ml bottle will currently cost you £1.96, and 1KG will only cost you £46.96. Considering a little goes a long way, a kilo will last you an age!

SCENT 8/10

Lime essential oil is mainly used in aromatherapy blends due to its stimulating and refreshing scent. Lime has a crisp, sweet and `fresh smell.


Lime Oil isn't the most potent oil around, but it does have a very distinct scent. It is light and gentle and compliments other essential oils fantastically in blends.

USES 7/10

Due to its antibacterial properties, Lime can heal minor wounds and prevent infections.

Antiviral can help protect against cold and flu.

Healing properties can treat acne.

Antibacterial properties can alleviate toothache pains.

Stimulating properties can help the digestive system.

Can help to maintain healthy respiratory and immune system functions.

High Limonene content can prevent signs of ageing.


Lime is one of the most popular essential oils around, thanks to its variety of uses and refreshing scent. The price of Lime Essential Oil also plays a part in how popular it is; it is incredibly cheap and can energise, relieve stress and improve all-round mood.

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