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We have some brand new products available, just in time for Christmas.

Christmas Joy - Essential Oil Blend
Christmas is the season of great joy, a time of giving and sharing with those around us. Treat your friends, family and loved ones to this magical scent. Heavenly top notes of Lemon, Anise and Pine, are supported by middle notes of Fir Needle and Cinnamon, all resting on a beautiful base of Cedarwood. Combined they create a delightfully festive aroma.

Create - Essential Oil Blend

It's not an unusual experience for artists to experience creativity blocks. Whether you draw, paint, act, dance or write, this blend is perfect for bringing inspiration back into your practice. The essential oils found in 'Create' are reputed to free and relax your mind, allowing your creative juices to flow once again.

Good Night - Essential Oil Blend
Our Good Night blend is designed to help you achieve a mode of relaxation and tranquillity as night-time approaches. This unique combination of pure essential oils forms a blend like no other, allowing you to have a peaceful and much deserved nights rest. Good Night is soon to become your go-to sleeping companion.

Good Morning - Essential Oil Blend
Our Good Morning blend is designed to help you feel alert and prepared for the busy day ahead. Rise and shine to this astonishing aroma, which is an elegant mixture of our finest essential oils. Go from 0 - 60 in no time at all and take life head-on. Waking up will start to feel like an extra-special treat, courteous of this extra-special blend.

Fresh - Essential Oil Blend

This essential oil blend consists of four of the purest oils, all notoriously known to clear the air of bad odours. The combination of Coriander, Lemon, Lime and Tea Tree is enough to make any room smell fresh again.

Clear Skin - Essential Oil Blend
The essential oils found in 'Clear Skin' are known to aid acne-ridden skin. This blend contains an abundance of anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which can help reduce swelling of the skin, fight blackheads and eliminate blemishes.

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