Chasing Likes

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Chasing Likes

Dear Sherlock Howlmes,

I have decided to open my heart to you as I desperately seek answers to my flurry of problems. I'm just an ordinary, everyday girl, with a tight-knit family, close friends and a cute little dog called Tilly. Recently I have been experiencing involuntary mood swings and a drop in my overall self-worth. I have noticed a slight addiction when it comes to social media sites, especially when it comes to photo's I upload. Photo's that receives a small number of likes I instantly either delete or leave it on and wallow in self-pity. I know it sounds silly but could this be something to do with the mood swings I am experiencing?


Nice and social.

Well Rebecca, I think you have hit the nail on the head. You are describing the modern-day phenomenon of 'chasing likes'. The day of just uploading a photo for the enjoyment of others has fast become a platform to show off popularity and social status, leaving many like yourself - vulnerable. A pressurised environment has been created, resulting in individuals feeling uncomfortable to express themselves. Someone's mental state being heavily dependant on the number of 'likes' they receieve is a scary thought indeed. It saddens me to think that you would even contemplate the thought of removing a picture you have posted, simply because of the lack of attention it has received.

If you are continually gauging your happiness on the opinions of others, you will never truly be happy. The whole point of being happy is about being happy in your moment, with your life, with your truth. If you take other people's opinions as facts, naturally your self-esteem will be lowered. Let's face it; we don't live in a world where everyone's prime objective is to lift and build others up. Based on this, social media platforms, in most cases, negatively affect confidence, as users are always seeking approval, it's human nature. You want to be liked, accepted and appreciated, but the reality is nobody cares about what you post as much as yourself.

So little is being done to help those in need, and things are unfortunately getting worse and worse. More cases of mental health conditions are rising to the surface, especially among the younger generation, and what does the world do? Exploit them. Companies have decided to make money off the back of this. Are you feeling unpopular? Well, you can now buy likes and followers to make you feel all the better. Although I believe the effects of social media platforms to be potentially catastrophic, they do offer some positives. It gives people a space to express themselves, allows company promotion, offers opportunity and wastes a considerable amount of hours in our day. Silly me, the last one is negative. Rebecca, all I can say to you is, leave the social media world behind, or even take a break and see how you feel. I hope you start to feel a lot better and now I'll leave you in the capable hands of Dogtor Watson.


Thank you, Mr Howlmes, I must say very well said indeed, but I'll take it from here. Hello Rebecca, have you ever considered aromatherapy as a way to help with your mood swings? Now I can recommend you some essential oils that can undoubtedly help with the emotional imbalances you are experiencing.

Lavender is one of the most versatile oils, which is why I love it so much. In addition to calming and inducing sleep, it eases depression and anxiety. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the trials of modern-day life, turn to this wonderful oil.

Frankincense can help ground you when you feel anything but super. It promotes relaxation, can help with depression, and it was gifted to sweet baby Jesus, so it has to be good!

I warn you now, Peppermint is exceptionally potent, but it has incredible calming abilities. It boosts your energy levels, keeps your mind clear, and has even been known to improve cognitive performance.

Rebecca, take a break from social media, incorporate these essential oils into your everyday life, and I'm sure you will begin to feel a lot better. We all have one life, so let's try to live it, rather than wasting it behind a phone screen.

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