The Mystery of the Red Death

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The Mystery of the Red Death

Recent news of a growing epidemic in Australia reached me, and I couldn't hide my excitement, I had to go and witness it for myself. A wretched rash was spreading across Australia, but interestingly only Queensland and New South Wales were left unencumbered. With very little knowledge of this vast country, I began my investigation in the sunny city of Melbourne, which resided in the state of Victoria. As I swooped around, things were a lot more severe than once feared. Everyone I saw was covered head to toe in a prominent red rash. Echo's of death started to circulate among the residents of Melbourne, and panic began. I knew a great deal about the black death that occurred in the 14th century, but this red death was a complete mystery. The black death wiped out a third of the world's population; I knew I had to do something. The rats and fleas were in cahoots during the plague and transmitted the disease to humans, and I had a feeling they were behind it once again.

I saw a trail of little rat footprints leading to one of the sewers, and that's where the truth was revealed. As I entered the putrid sewers, I was welcomed by a lively group of pesky rats. They certainly didn't have a happy smile like my dear friend Jeremy; they were certainly up to something mischievous. Their leader stepped forward and exclaimed,

"All humans will perish!" in a comical screech.

I watched in disbelief, not because of the vileness I just heard and not because of his alarmingly high pitched voice. I was in disbelief because I heard it without the rat's mouth moving. What is this dark magic I asked myself? That's when I looked closer and noticed a furious looking flea on top of his head. He was the leader, and the flea's were planning a second invasion. The rats were all brainwashed and being used as pawns.

As I previously stated the people of Queensland and New South Wales were completely fine, so I headed there. I knew the secrets of survival laid in these states and off I flew to Brisbane. The mood in Brisbane was of stark contrast to Melbourne, people were merry and frolicking around; it seemed as if they were utterly oblivious to what was occurring in the neighbouring states. But what I did notice, which was most peculiar indeed, was a strange array of leaves around the neck of everyone. On closer look, it was the leaves from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. Dogtor Watson recently informed me that these leaves produce an oil called Tea Tree. Tea Tree oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Thanks to these properties, tea tree is excellent in fighting against skin ailments; in other words, the Red Death.

Eureka! This was the secret! I gathered as many leaves as I could and started polluting the water supplies of the affected states of Australia. To my astonishment, the rashes began to fade. My plan worked! The wondrous oil of Tea Tree saved the day. I went back to the sewer located in Melbourne to confront their evil leader.

"Mr Howlmes, you may have stopped me today, but I will be back!" he exclaimed.

In which I responded, "What is your name, evil one?"

In a voice of pure hatred, he squealed. "My name is Professor Fleariarty, and I will have my revenge."

I chuckled hysterically and replied, "Professor of what, the sewage system?"

And off I went, at the time I took no notice of this malevolent flea, I was more thrilled that I solved the mystery. Little did I know, Professor Fleariarty would turn out to be one of my most competent adversaries.


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