The Mystery of the Sleeping Bear

Hello there, my name is Sherlock Howlmes, the first ever owl detective. Which I'm sure is as believable as my top hat, smoking pipe and monocle. I've been hired by Mystic Moments to investigate the most unusual of cases and try to get to the bottom of it. If there is something I can take with me from detective studies, it's that miracles don't exist, something, or should I say, someone, must be responsible. The rumoured health benefits of essential oils have been spreading around like wildfire, and I've sent Dogtor Watson on a trip of his own to do some serious sniffing around. I'm sure he'll appear on YouTube at some point. Now, as I go through each case, please remember, I'm a detective, and I am only making logical observations. In other words, I'm not a doctor, take my word at your own risk. As you're now clued up on the gist of my blog, it's time to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

The Mystery of the Sleeping Bear

It was a Summer evening, and with the sun hammering down on me, I thanked God that I had a top hat. As I circumnavigated through the forest, I heard a bellowing shriek. "WAKE UP YOU STUPID BEAR". Naturally, curiosity enveloped my mind, and I swiftly landed. The cry came from a tiny wee mouse, which I later found out was called Jeremy. I won't lie, I hadn't eaten a morsel of food at this point, and Jeremy looked rather delicious. But I resisted temptation and persevered to remain professional. I then began to question why a puny mouse would even dare to wake up a grizzly. According to Jeremy, the bear had remained asleep for the past week, and his bulky body was covering Jeremy's shallow mouse hole. He then revealed his little family were trapped in there. With limited food resources, this bear had to be moved.

It's not even hibernation season, yet this bear will not wake up I told myself. I began to rattle my brain in an attempt to discover the mystery behind this sleeping giant. I decided to go straight up to it and peck it in the face, and yet, the bear still didn't move. Stumped, I began to investigate my surroundings. All I could detect was several trees and these peculiar purple flowers. The big lump was sat right in the core of these mysterious purple plants. Just what were they? I entered my mind palace and made a most remarkable discovery, this plant was known as Lavender and it was rumoured to help with sleep! The pieces of the puzzle finally fitted together.

I excitedly told Jeremy the groundbreaking news. He was overjoyed and hastily rushed in removing all Lavender plants encompassing the giant bear. As I kept my distance, I could see the bear slowly waking up; he then stood up looking confused and dazed. Jeremy and his little family were reunited; it was a beautiful sight. They were all celebrating and jumping up and down with sincere joy, but before I could even say a thing, the bear, later to be known as Ryker, ate them all. He had a coldness in his eyes I would never forget. I didn't hang around, but I did discover one of the stunning benefits of Lavender, sleep. I had a funny feeling this wouldn't be the last time I saw Ryker.

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