Staff Pick - Jamie - Pirate's Bounty Candle

This month we have asked Jamie to do a product review. He has chosen a Pirate's Bounty Scented Wooden Wick Candle.

Jamie here everyone! So, I decided to try one of our Wooden Wick Candles. This range comprises of Pirate's Bounty, Jungle Fever, Midnight, Sweet Dreams, Lion's Roar and Winter Wonder. Choosing just one was probably the hardest part, as I love all the scents, but Pirate's Bounty holds a special place in my heart. The whole pirate aspect appeals to me greatly, I was a massive fan of Captain Jack Sparrow, and I still am. Sea, freedom and a lot of drinking, a pirates life is a life for me.

Let's talk a bit more about the candle. Scent wise it is fresh and not too overpowering. The smell of coconuts really comes through, accompanied by the woody tones of cedarwood. I love this scent! The candle itself looks terrific. It is in a beautiful glass jar, the and wooden wick crackles once lit. I'm also trying to embark on a new journey of veganism, so the fact this candle is 100% soya wax makes it even better! It also burns for up to 80 hours which is impressive, especially when you compare it to other products on the market today.

If you are looking for a beautifully scented candle, that looks and smells excellent, look no further. These candles make for perfect gifts, I bought my Mum one for her birthday, and now she's hooked. She is putting an order in weekly!

Jamie Collier

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