New Products!

New Products

We have been extremely busy in the past week to provide our customers with a collection of wonderful new products. We never compromise on quality and will always strive to supply you with the best of the best. High quality combined with low prices, what more could you ever want?

Chocolate Liqueur Fragrance Oil has a scent of rich milk chocolate with subtle caramel and vanilla notes perfectly balanced with a splash of rum.

Rosemary Fragrance Oil is a highly scented oil designed to cleanse and soothe your inner self. Use at the end of a long day or as a part of your meditation to allow the light sweet scent of Rosemary to relax you.

Cognac Fragrance Oil's aroma is powerful, dry, tart, and wine-like, with intense diffusiveness and notes of green apple. The refined note is reminiscent of aged grapes and oak barrels, used in orientals, chypres and woody compositions for depth and vibrancy.

Cognac Green Essential Oil is a speciality oil that is highly recommended for natural perfumers. Cognac Green Essential Oil is produced from the wine precipitate known as ‘lees’ – the yeasty residue left at the bottom of the oak barrels after fermentation and ageing of Cognac. Cognac Green Essential Oil is used in trace amounts to give ‘lift’ and fresh-fruity natural notes in colognes and after-shave fragrances. It is also used in perfumery due to its rich and tenacious yeasty green base notes which when diluted contain the seductive essences of a fine aged champagne Cognac.

We would also like to make a special announcement when it comes to the packaging we use for our 1-litre bottles of oil. We have opted for new Sugar Cane bottles. Sugar Cane Polymer is made using bio-oil derived from sugar cane rather than traditional oil — an environmentally conscious choice which retains the same properties of traditional oil-based polymers and is 100% renewable. We are trying our best to help the environment one step at a time!

Special Offer of the Week

With next week being the host of #NoSmokingDay and #WorldSleepDay, it seemed only fitting to discount our Smokers Relief and Sleep Assisting Essential Oil Blends by 20%. Imagine how great life can be without smoking and a good nights rest, #dreamy. This great offer will run from the 8th to the 15th of March.

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