Valentine's Deadline Day

Hello and good morning, my name is Valen, Valen Tine, and I'll be broadcasting you all the latest updates in the January window of love! With the January Valentine window soon to close, chaos is erupting around the world. People are enumerating their list of wants in a partner to close friends and family but with the clock ticking down, stress is starting to build, and anxiety is bubbling to the surface. Not only are people seeking true love, but many are also searching for last minute swap deals, with their current partners not being up to scratch. Rumour has it; nobody wants to be stuck in a dead-end relationship with Valentine's Day fast approaching! A small number are even desperately scouting for short term loan deals, just to have a bit of comfort during the upcoming day of love. Let's head over to Cupid, our on-field reporter; he has some breaking news!

News just in, Mystic Moments have sensationally announced they have the Essential Oil Blends to aid you in your mission. Stress Relief and Anxiety blends will be 20% off! I'm in shock. Mystic Moments definitely know how to keep things interesting in a relationship.

Thank you, Cupid. Now, many will be envious of those with plenty of choices this upcoming Valentine's Day. Some will have the pick of the litter, but is the grass always greener on the other side? We have a special broadcast from Kitty, with her trials and tribulations of having too many options.

*Cue the Violins*

Hi Valen, it's not easy being me. Yes, I have plenty of options but what guys have my best intentions at heart? Are all these men attracted to the person inside or my aesthetically pleasing appearance? That's what I have to deal with, the stress of making the right choice. I want a generous and polite gentleman, who knows how to treat a lady. Big problem being, aren't all men chivalrous at the start? If you have fewer options, in my eyes that's a good thing. At least you know they are interested in you and making a decision is so much easier! I am so indecisive at times, especially when it involves finding love. I actually...

Sorry to interrupt Kitty, there has been a new update. Over to you Cupid!

I can't believe it Valen, another significant development from no other than Mystic Moments again. After hearing Kitty's emotional rollercoaster of a story, they have decided to discount their very own Decisiveness Essential Oil Blend.

Wow, how about that Kitty, good news right?

Oh, that is fantastic news, I'll order some of that straight away.


Today is frantic ladies and gentlemen, keep sending in your messages with updates of your own. Let's read a few out, this is a message from George.

I just proposed to the woman of my dreams. We have been dating for two months now, and things are going amazingly, she even moved in last week. Sadly, she said no.

Oh, sorry to hear that George. You certainly don't wait around; maybe it was just a bit too soon? Onto the next message, come on Stacey from Luton, feed us with some positivity.

I'll be honest Valen; I'll be staying single this Valentine's Day and probably the rest of my life. Men are horrible!

Stacey, have you not seen first dates? A wise man once said it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Let's find another one. Oh no, I can't even read that out, it's far too rude. There is a lot of negativity flying in; we need an intervention! Cupid, rumours are you've been working on a blend of your own, maybe this can change people's misfortune?

I have indeed. When it came to the name, I've really thought outside the box on this one. I decided to called it 'Cupid's Arrow'.

This Scented Oil Blend can certainly help a lot of people; it has been infused with the magic of love. The scent itself is a little tricky to explain as you can smell all sorts! It contains Grapefruit, Ylang-Ylang, Coriander, Rosewood and a cocktail of other wonderful scents. It smells so good! I already know myself that Ylang-Ylang and Rosewood act as a natural libido which is exactly why I chucked it in there! Ladies and Gentlemen the clock is ticking down, it’s time to strike when the iron is hot. George, diffuse this through your house and propose again, I'm sure the outcome will be a lot different.


Thank you, Cupid. From a legal standpoint, I want to point out that this is a huge claim George, we don't want to fill people with false hope or wrongly advertise any products. Cupid gets a little excited from time to time. We are getting a lot of messages stating that people are struggling to find someone they truly connect with and I have just the answer, let's hear from our Astronomy correspondent, Horo Scope!

Thanks Valen, I certainly agree that people need to pick more wisely when it comes to love. Let's face it, all relationships that stand the test of time have one thing in common, chemistry. Putting it bluntly, without chemistry, there will be no longevity. This is why star and elemental signs are so important! I will assume that everyone knows their elemental signs, and will move on with the facts of compatibility.

Fire and Air signs are often most compatible with each other, whether that means Fire with Fire, Fire with Air or Air with Air. When two Fire signs combine, it is explosive (in a good way). They have a mutual belief that actions speak a lot louder than words. Fire fascinates Air, and they compliment each other very well. The Air sign appreciates the power and “go-getter” attitude of the Fire sign. The Fire sign enjoys the free-flowing qualities and adaptability of the Air sign. An Air sign with another Air sign is all about the assemblage of the minds. Both sides linking to the Air element will be able to talk about anything as they are both intellectually inquisitive. Air and Fire elements are the most sociable of the elements, making it a party when they are put together.

On the other side of the coin, Earth and Water signs are usually a fantastic match as they have similar traits and characteristics. An Earth sign flourishes with another Earth sign because they share the same family and business values. The stability-seeking Earth signs love to plan for the future, so when they are put together, it is an honest, family-orientated relationship.Earth and Water signs both understand each other’s need for security and balance within the relationship. Water signs are intensely emotional, and Earth signs are practical and sensible, making them the “parent” of the friend group. Water and Earth signs thrive together because both elements are cautious and very serious, so they work harder at the relationship.When two Water signs come together, the partnership will be a sympathetic and emotional union. Water signs pride themselves on their creativity and nurturing characteristics, which their Water sign partner will understand. They both act on emotion rather than logic. They are the definition of wearing your heart on your sleeve.

If everyone follows this logic, this Valentine's Day could be something special, back to you Valen.


Wow, some hard facts there, from Horo. You've heard him folks, start on the front foot by communicating with the right elemental signs. That is all we have time for; a big thank you for everyone that participated in this morning's show and good luck in the next two weeks. Let's hope Valentine's Day is a day to remember for all! Wait, it seems the plot has thickened, over to you Cupid!

I can't believe it, Val, Mystic Moments are at it again! I wouldn't be surprised if Valentine's Day were called Mystic Moments' Day in the not too distant future. They have decided to discount their four elemental blends, and they haven't stopped there! Blimey, they have gone mad! They have put 10% discounts on Candles, Wax Melts, Hampers, Oils, Gift Packs and Diffusers!

Click HERE to head to their special discount page to reap the rewards, love is in the air! Back to you in the studio!


Very much appreciated Cupid! I can't keep up; Mystic Moments have done it again. So let's recap, you can get 20% off Stress Relief, Anxiety, Decisiveness and the four Elemental Essential Oil Blends through us, and so much more directly through their website. Oh, it seems we have one more caller. Hello, caller what is your name?

Hi Val, my name is George, I messaged in earlier.

Oh no, is this about Cupid's bold claims, I'd like to apo...

There is no need to apologise Val, she said yes!

That is amazing George; I'm so happy for you. How did this happen?

Cupid's Arrow, that's how it happened. Turns out my mate down the road had some lying around, so I picked it up. Put a few drops into my diffuser and banged it on. She came home, one deep breath in and you could see her face light up.

Is that so? What happened after that George?

She said, I've been thinking, and you know what George, I will marry you! I'm so happy Val.

Congratulations George, take care.


What a lovely story to finish the show on. Well, that's a wrap, make sure you head to Mystic Moments to prepare yourself for the 14th. Everyone pencil it into your diaries and good luck!

As we said earlier, there is a 20% discount on the items below.

Discount Code : VALEN20

Click HERE to add the discount code straight to your basket!

*Offer ends 14/02/19*

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