Alex - CYO - Festive Bath Bomb

This month we have asked King Alex to do a product review. He has chosen a Create Your Own - Festive Bath Bomb kit.

Hello everyone, Alex here. With such an enormous range at Mystic Moments, my hardest decision was actually choosing one product to review. If I had my way, I would review everything! With Christmas in mind, I wanted to choose something festive, and as I find gift ideas hard to come by, the Create Your Own range tickled my fancy. What is better than making a personal handmade present for someone? (Probably a lot of things)

Anyway, long story cut short; I decided to go for the Festive Bath Bomb Kit. I'll be honest, I hate baths but that's not my point, my mum on the other hand loves them! This doesn't mean I don't wash; I do shower, promise! The kit provides you with clear instructions and all the ingredients required to make the bath bombs. To be totally honest, I had a lot more fun making it than I ever expected. In a world where we are so use to being, let's face it, lazy, it was actually nice to get my hands dirty. The kit was also accompanied by a video tutorial, which I have my reservations about. The narrator was a bit boring, but I've known him for years, and he can't help it. The actual video itself was gold! It helped me every step of the way and now thanks to this kit my Mum is going to be over the moon when she opens up her two wonderfully Christmas scented bath bombs!

Based on this pleasant experience I will definitely dive into the Create Your Own range again. Mystic Moments have kits for all sorts, but I'm holding out for a special kind of package...

Create Your Own - Washboard Abs

People can dream right.

Alex O'neill.

Click HERE to check out the Create Your Own Range!

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