Gettin Jiggy with it!

Hi Mystic Moments, do you have anything to put you in the, well, the "mood"?

Stacey | 47 | Alabama

Now this is a spicy question! Here's the thing, I think I know what you're talking about, but does that make me guilty for having a saucy mind like yourself? Oh, Stacey, I can already tell, you really are a firecracker! I can only assume you mean one thing; you need something to put you in the mood to...


I have a lovely selection of essential oils that will definitely help 'gettin jiggy with it'. I will persevere to make you the 'dancing' Queen and with Will Smith in my corner, what can go wrong? That's a rhetorical question, but this one certainly isn't.

Stacey, are you ready to get jiggy?

Stacey is typing...

"Yes I bloody am."


Love is in the air

First things first, you need to set the mood. Good lighting and great music make for excellent 'dance' moves. So just make sure you dim the lights, and your music choice is on point. 'Love to love you baby' by Donna Summer is a personal favourite of mine. Oh Stacey, I've just read your mind, and I totally agree, my girlfriend is a fortunate lady.

I don't want to bore you with all the in and outs for the causes for impotence and decrease in sexual desire, I just want to share with you my knowledge on how to turn this all around! My well thought out selection of essential oils are all proven to arouse and are guaranteed to make your Bedrock, Fred Flinstone style!


Libido Boosters

Ylang Ylang Oil While people encounter a loss of libido for many reasons, one of the chief culprits is stress. Ylang Ylang oil can help even the most tightly-wound people kick back and relax. Ylang Ylang unwinds, slows a racing heart, and calms in times of need. Decreasing blood pressure and boosting mood in the process. Broadly used in aromatherapy as an aphrodisiac, Ylang Ylang offers a floral scent that can stimulate the senses. Ylang Ylang III, the last fraction collected during the final hours of distillation, is a slightly thicker, more earthy, and less sweet oil composed almost entirely of sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes are known to stimulate the liver and sex glands. They also give Ylang Ylang its powerful relaxant and sedative properties.

Cinnamon Oil While cinnamon is commonly used to spice up a meal, it can also be employed to spice up a sexual relationship. Researchers have concluded that the scent of cinnamon can increase blood flow to the genital region. It can also serve ladies with a dejected sex drive. Cinnamon has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Although cinnamon is useful, it doesn’t always work instantly. Couples should start using the scent early in the night. Long, luxurious cinnamon oil massages are the perfect way to start a night full of passion. To create a massage oil just dilute the essential oil into a carrier oil, easy as pie. Cinnamon supports the reproductive system and helps treat sexual issues, it’s also warming, which increases blood flow and circulation, and that is important to achieving a full and satisfactory state of arousal. Cinnamon oil is no stranger to a threesome and is sure to bring some warmth and spice into a relationship.

Sandalwood Oil Sandalwood Oil is one of the most potent natural aphrodisiacs in aromatherapy, increasing libido and sexual response. Sandalwood oil is similar to a man’s natural body scent and, though barely perceptible, sends out a highly effective erotic signal to the opposite sex. Sandalwood essential oil is tranquillising and harmonising and will help you shift into a peaceful state of mind, and it’s used in meditation to soothe the heart. Best of all it encourages unprompted interactions, and that helps lovers get out of a sexual slump and develop their physical sensuality. Use sandalwood oil to deepen your feelings of connection with your lover. Sandalwood oil opens and frees your emotional centres, strengthening your capacity to make contact with an open and compassionate heart. It also nurtures self-acceptance and an inner sense of connection, in turn improving your relationships with others.

I have only named three of my personal favourites Stacey, and there are plenty more available to spice up your life. Yeah, I know a lot of people in high places, my dear. You want me to name drop a few more? Okay, we've got Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Clary Sage, Rosewood, Patchouli, Ginger and the list goes on. The best way to use these oils Stacey is to head to our website and treat yourself to one of our amazing Bluetooth Diffusers. It has 'mood' lighting, music playing capabilities and the ability to diffuse your oils into the air. Pretty groovy right? Welcome to 2018!


Once you go essential...

Stacey, I'm sure you've heard of the old saying, once you go essential, you'll always feel sensual. Apparently strawberries dipped in chocolate are pretty effective too, but I think the main thing you need to keep in mind is that STRESS plays a significant part when concerning that lack of 'mood' in the bedroom. Lucky for you, essential oils are more than capable of dealing with stress-related issues and retrieving that spark. Mark my words Stacey, this will be a game changer.


It only seems right to advertise our product here at Mystic Moments, Aphrodisiac. This little sexual booster contains Lavender, Orange, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood. This oil blend is music to my ears. As a treat for being so brave and tackling a taboo topic Stacey, Aphrodisiac EOB (up to 100ml) will be a whopping 25% off!

Discount Code : JIGGY25

*Click the image to apply the discount directly to your basket*

Lovers of the world unite and dip into this delight.

And always remember...

Once you go essential, you'll always be sensual.

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