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Hi Mystic Moments, my question is, due to suffering with anorexia, my skin has become very dry and flaky, this is mainly on my forehead but also on my back and hands. Do you recommend any soothing oils that could help with moisturising my skin & preventing it from drying out?

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Hi Chloe, I’m so sorry to hear that you're suffering from anorexia. Hopefully, you're getting all the help and support you need to overcome this serious mental health condition. In regards to your dry skin Chloe, you’ve come to the right place. We have a lot of natural ingredients that can certainly help. Dry and flaky skin is a common complaint, especially in the winter time. The frosty winter air sucks the life out of our skin, but thankfully there are ways to fight this. The majority of high-end lotions and moisturisers on the market, unfortunately, come with a hefty price tag, and you have no idea what it's made from! I would personally prefer to use a carrier oil or natural butter instead, without any nasty extra's. In this post I will talk you through my top 3 butters, carriers and essential oils for dry skin.

Mystic Moments' Top 3 For Dry Skin


Shea Butter Unrefined - This butter is hailed for its healing, protecting and moisturising properties. Rich in cinnamon acid, it reputedly protects the skin from UV rays and therefore is often included in skin care products for after sun care. The first choice in natural skin care and beautiful body care products, this butter forms a breathable, water-resistant film and is the leading natural product for moisturising.

Mango Butter - This Butter has beneficial moisturising properties and adds a luxurious emollient feel to products while also acting as a mild lubricant for the skin. It is very similar in colour and texture to cocoa butter and is an excellent source of essential fatty acids. Mango Butter has wound healing qualities and is used as an application for ulcerations, fissures of the lips, hands and chapped skin etc.

Kokum Butter - This naturally white and incredibly smooth butter has enormously high compositions of beneficial materials to help regenerate tired and worn skin cells and further supports the elasticity and general flexibility of the skin wall. Kokum Butter contains anti-oxidants and possesses natural skin healing and regeneration properties.

Carrier Oils!

Jojoba American - This oil for me is number one, purely because of its healing and moisturising abilities for all skin types. Even though it looks and feels just like an oil, it is technically a liquid wax. Jojoba oil has a chemical structure that's very similar to the sebum in human skin, so it's easily absorbed and carries ingredients deep into the skin. Not only this, but it is also packed full of minerals as zinc and copper, and vitamins B and E, which help strengthen the skin.

Rosehip - This oil is good for dry, ageing skin because it is deeply nourishing, moisturising and regenerating, but also superfine with balancing properties, making it ideal for those with normal or oily skin. It is well known for it’s firming qualities and may even improve skin elasticity. The high essential fatty acid content in this oil makes it highly effective at improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also softening and smoothing out the skin wonderfully. It also offers extra benefits of treating dry, dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone.

Avocado Refined - This oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps proper cell function and decrease inflammation. Because it's such a rich emollient, avocado oil is ideal for those with dry, itchy, or ageing skin. It is also blessed with vitamins A, D, and E and its moisturising capabilities are second to none. Rich in antioxidants, it can be incredible for soothing inflammatory skin conditions, like blemishes and eczema.

Essential Oils!

Frankincense Olibanum - People have used frankincense oil to tighten their skin, prevent wrinkles, reduce dark spots, prevent acne and slow the signs of ageing for thousands of years. It has the ability to heal wounds, rash, eczema, burns, cuts and scrapes as well as soothe dry and chapped skin. This essential oil is an excellent essential oil for dry skin as it includes anti-ageing benefits. Most skin looks older when it is dry, and drier when it is old. So many add Frankincense oil to their facial toner and reap the benefits. Frankincense is also a natural astringent that helps regenerate healthy cells and keep existing tissue strong and healthy. It is this ability to protect and repair skin cells that make frankincense your most powerful anti-ageing essential oil.

Palmarosa - This essential oil is one of nature’s star performers in the journey for healthy skin. It regulates skin moisture and oil production and is therefore useful for both dry and oily skin. Offering cell renewal benefits, palmarosa essential oil nourishes and restores skin health and harmony. Palmarosa can help balance the creation of oil in the epidermis; it is helpful to heal cuts and bruises, and it can decrease the seriousness of acne breakouts. Because of the way it can promote the regeneration of cells and balance the production of sebum, Palmarosa oil is an ideal choice for a wide selection of skin troubles. It is often utilised to take care of disorders of the skin like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Sandalwood Tanzanian - This essential oil can be a one-stop solution for all skin-related problems! Used in a variety of ways, it can help controlling oil secretion, skin dryness, pimples, dark circles, etc. It is anti-ageing, skin-softening, complexion-clearing, itch-relieving miracle worker. Sandalwood essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-ageing, emollient, antispasmodic, astringent & cicatrising properties that give it fantastic beauty benefits! Pair this with its ability to moisturise and hydrate dry, flaky skin, and you're onto a winner! It acts as an excellent moisturiser and body massage oil due to its emollient properties. Sandalwood oil softens skin by boosting its ability to retain moisture. It will help reduce the signs of flaky, dry skin, and instead, make your skin look plump and healthy.

Chloe, with these ingredients you can potentially make two different kinds of product. Firstly a simple moisturiser, which would involve a carrier oil and essential oil. I usually use a ratio of 97% carrier to 3% essential oil. Here is an example, it is simple but super effective!

32g Rosehip

1g Sandalwood Tanzanian

The other alternative is a body butter, which would include all three! Butter, Carrier and Essential oil. Once again the essential oil ratio should be around 3% but you're free to play around with the carrier to butter ratios (depends on how hard you want it to be). Here is an example of a simple body butter I personally make.

70g Shea Butter Unrefined

27g Jojoba American

3g Frankincense Olibanum

Click HERE for a video tutorial on making a body butter!

With these recipes, you can add an extra butter, or different carrier oils, or even add in a mixture of essential oils. That's the magic behind making your own cosmetic goods, you can tailor it for your own personal needs!

Chloe, I hope this answers your question. You have plenty of options out there to address your dry skin issue. There are many more natural ingredients that I haven't included that can definitely do a great job too! I would love to hear back from you and finger crossed it's good news!

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