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Hi Mystic Moments, I've suffered from bad dandruff on and off for years, and I find the flakes really embarrassing, I've tried many shampoos, but they just don't seem to help. Are there are any essentials oils that you could recommend I try?

Jayne, 42 from Preston.

Hello Jayne, thanks for writing in and first things first you really shouldn't be embarrassed. So many people suffer from Dandruff, and there is an undeserved stigma attached to it. Something so minor is made worse by those around us and can lead to individuals developing social and self-esteem problems, here's me hoping it's not affecting your day to day life. Dandruff is just a result of the scalp shedding its skin a lot quicker than usual thus resulting in visible flaking, that is it. A friend of mine suffered from quite severe dandruff, and he managed to reduce it significantly with the inclusion of essential oils. Jayne, you are in safe hands.


What is Dandruff?

You might be surprised to know that dandruff is a lot more prevalent than you may think. Over 50% of the world's population has experienced this condition at some point in their lives. It is often caused by an excess of dead skin which is as a result of many factors. Dandruff is quite simply a manifestation of an underlying problem within the skin or body that usually presents itself as a scalp condition; it may also appear on other parts of the body. This condition is typically identified by a scalp that is dry, itchy, flaky and inflamed. These are the common symptoms of Dandruff.


The Causes of Dandruff

Skin conditions People that suffer from eczema and psoriasis are often known to have dandruff since both of these conditions are characteristically known to harbour dry skin.

Dry skin This is definitely the most popular cause of dandruff. In fact, symptoms and signs of dry skin are usually visible on other parts of the body, e.g. your legs and arms.

Oily skin It may sound a little farfetched, but oily skin is also a frequent cause of dandruff. It is identified from red, greasy skin cloaked with flaky white (sometimes yellow) scales. Also known as seborrheic dermatitis, oily skin may affect your scalp and other areas rich in oil glands. This includes the back of your ears, sides of your nose and your eyebrows.

Hair care products Many hair care products can, in fact, cause your scalp to become red, itchy and inflamed, leading to flaking. This is due to the fact many hair care products contain chemicals ingredients, which aren't always good for your skin. I know you think it may be doing you right, but shampooing too regularly may also irritate your scalp and can also cause dandruff.


Top 3 Essential Oils to Help Dandruff

One of the most captivating aspects of essential oils for the hair and skin is their ability to deliver their benefits directly through the body’s natural barriers. This is because essential oils are quickly absorbed by the body when inhaled or applied topically. Jayne, here are three essential oils that can effectively provide you with dandruff relief.

Rosemary French

Rosemary essential oil is considered to be among the best essential oils in the treatment of dandruff due to its potent anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that restore balance and prevent an itchy scalp. Studies have found that rosemary essential oil increases blood circulation to the scalp and can boost the rate of cellular regeneration, resulting in hair growth and restoration of the scalp and follicles.

Tea Tree Australian

Tea tree is an amazing essential oil. It contains powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that kill germs and bacteria that mount up on the scalp and cause dandruff. It provides a cooling and soothing sensation when applied to an itchy and inflamed scalp. It isn't recommended to use this oil neat, so make sure you dilute it beforehand. Those with especially sensitive skin can experience burning sensations on the scalp.

Cedarwood Atlas

Cedarwood essential oil's woody scent is a lovely treat on the senses after a long day at the office. It is useful in relieving dandruff as it improves blood flow through the scalp, and promotes the general health of your hair from the roots. Cedarwood essential oil also has well-established antifungal and astringent properties, that works wonders for the skin. The invigorating and refreshingly warm scent also acts as a confidence booster, which makes it a great addition if dandruff is getting you down in the dumps.


Anti-dandruff Recipe's

Jayne, as I stated earlier with the Tea Tree, essential oils must be diluted. They are incredibly potent, and for the safety of yourself and those around, please make sure you don't overdo it. A little goes a long way. Here are the two recipe's I suggested to my friend, one is a shampoo, and the other is a Hair & Scalp Mask.

Homemade Hair & Scalp Mask Recipe (enough for three applications)


6 drops Rosemary Oil 6 drops Tea Tree Oil 6 drops Cedarwood Oil 100ml Argan, Almond or Coconut Oil.

Blend ingredients well in a container and then massage the mixture into the scalp. Leave the oil soak on for at least an hour and for more severe conditions try leaving it on overnight. When you do wash it out, make sure you shampoo thoroughly. Include this in your weekly routine.

Homemade Shampoo Recipe


6 drops Rosemary Oil 6 drops Tea Tree Oil 6 drops Cedarwood Oil 100ml Unscented Shampoo

Just blend the ingredients together and use it as you would with any regular shampoo.

I hope this gives you a good insight into the causes of dandruff and how to effectively combat it. Please give the recipe's a good go Jayne and let me know how it goes. Fingers crossed your dandruff problems will soon be a distant memory.


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