Today is all about raising awareness for mental health. So many of us suffer from mental health conditions, yet find it so difficult to seek help. Everyone needs to remember, a problem shared, is a problem halved.

Aromatherapy can certainly be a solution. All I can say when it comes to essential oils is that there have been many cases that show a great success, when dealing with mental health. Going from experience, a little bit of Lavender diffused into the air every day certainly made a positive impact on my life.

I also religiously use our very own Mental Wellbeing Pack, it contains five amazing essential oil blends, tailored to improve your mental health. To show support to World Mental Health Day, Mystic Moments has reduced the price of this pack by 20%! So everyone spread the word and make sure nobody misses out!

Discount Code: WMHD20

OFFER ENDS 17/10/2018

*Clicking 'Buy Now' automatically applies discount code to checkout basket*

Make sure to check out our blog posts on mental health as well. One is to do with depression and the other tackles the issues of anxiety!



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