Rachel - Desert Island Gift Pack Review

This month we have asked Rachel to do a product review. She has chosen the desert island gift pack.

One day when I was sorting through some paperwork at my desk, a certain aroma began to tickle my nose. I sourced the smell to be from one of our oils that had spilled a little onto one of the invoices and I immediately loved it. Once I’d realised the oil was the Exotic Fruit fragrant oil, from the Desert Island Fragrant starter pack, I decided to purchase the pack and an oil burner from our website. As soon as I got home, I whacked the oil burner out of its packet and burned the exotic fruit oil from the pack and immediately felt as if I was on a Caribbean beach with fresh fruit in my hand and the sun beaming down on me … ideal! Since then I have been simultaneously using all the oils from the pack in my burner in the lounge and get compliments of the aroma whenever someone comes to my house. I am so glad I decided to get this pack and it made such a great difference to my home and making it feel as if I’ve been on a 4-week all-inclusive holiday to the Caribbean, I mean who wouldn’t want that!



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