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Hi Mystic Moments, in a few days I'll be starting a brand new secondary school, and I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I was wondering if you had any essential oils that could help me out.

Jaden, 11 from Fordingbridge.

It brings a tear to my eye when kids as young as you understand the importance of essential oils. It will be my honour to help you as much as I possibly can. Hindsight really is a wonderful thing; I wish I met Mrs Aromatherapy during my school days, my grades would have certainly benefited from it. I completely understand how you feel Jaden, regarding it all being a bit overwhelming. New school, new classes, new faces, it can be daunting, but you shouldn't look at it like that. You should see it as new opportunities, new friends and new memories. My aim? To help you breeze through school. How? I introduce to you, the school survival kit! Jaden, use these oils throughout your educational journey and reap the rewards. One day when you're filthy rich and successful, don't forget to look back at the guy that made it all possible, and no I don't mean myself Jaden, I mean you! Put the hard work in and make your dreams become a reality. The education system gives everyone a chance to begin adult life with a solid foundation, so make the most of it!


School Survival Kit

A lot of deliberation went into my school survival kit, but I think I've got the perfect little collaboration. I would actually say it's almost as good as The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl - "Fairytale of New York". Might be a bit before your time Jaden, but I'm sure you've heard it a dozen times. This little puppy is a classic all year round! Let's get back to the action, the first oil blend to bag a spot in my #SchoolSurvivalKit is...


I personally believe having a solid amount of confidence is of utmost importance, not just necessarily for school, but in everyday life. In the world we live in, so many opportunities are never seized, and confidence undisputedly plays a factor in that. What I want you to do Jaden (especially as it's a new school) is walk through those school gates with your head held high. I want you to have the confidence to make new friends, ask teachers questions in class and dominate in every sports team! The essential oils found in 'Confidence EOB' are reputed to help settle your nerves and reignite that fire in your belly! Next on the list is...

Mental Clarity

Having a clear head is so important especially in an educational environment. You're 11 years old Jaden, I'm not saying you've got no problems, but when you're an adult, you'll have plenty more. So, while you're still young, try to clear your mind of trivial things. At school, you should only have one primary focus, and it's not gossipping about who everyone fancies or how 'sick' you are on Fortnite. The main focus should be on learning! To help with this, I give you, 'Mental Clarity EOB'. This blend is notoriously known to clear your head and prepare yourself for some hardcore learning! Securing the 3rd spot in the SSK is...


I know school can be tedious (at times) and some of your classes might feel unimportant right now, but remember that with a good education, you will be able to live the life you want as an adult. You want to love the job you have when you grow up, so now is your time in school to fine-tune the skills you’ll need to get that job. Having career aspirations at your young age will only benefit you in the long run, knowing the exact path you want to go down and working hard to get there can only result in success. Chasing your dreams should be self-motivating enough, but if it isn't we have our 'Motivation EOB'. It contains oil that will give you that much-needed push in the right direction.


Here is one part you really need to nail down Jaden, studying. Getting into a solid studying groove is the difference between an average grade and the best! You should devote certain days/times to studying and even make your own little study space. You should rid yourself of all distractions, things like your mobile phone for example. For you to maximise your learning retention, you need to concentrate 100% on the task at hand. Obviously, other factors can affect your ability to learn, most notably diet and sleeping patterns. Eating right (avoid sugar) and getting a good amount of sleep will make you raring to go every study session! There is also a blend I would love you to meet Jaden, 'Study EOB'. This unique blend of beneficial essential oils provides a pleasant backdrop for revision and learning while promoting memory recall (Peppermint), concentration (Basil) and alertness (Rosemary).

Sleep Assisting

No surprises here, sleep is vital. It is essential for various aspects of brain function. This includes cognition, concentration, productivity and performance. This is why I mentioned it above because a good nights rest will significantly improve the quality of your revision the next day. I know you love your gaming Jaden, so imagine I'm your Xbox controller running on empty, you're instinctively going to charge me overnight to restore me to my former glory. This applies to the human body; sleeping rejuvenates, repairs and restores. So try to get yourself into a routine Jaden, where you get to bed and wake up at the same time. To help you get to sleep, we have our very own 'Sleep Assisting EOB'. Blended with nature’s most relaxing and soothing essential oils, the Sleep Assisting Blend helps you find restful sleep and sweet dreams.

How to use them

Here are the ways to use these oils, I’ll list them all right here!

As essential oils are extremely potent always make sure a guardian is present when diffusing or diluting the oils.

Use a Diffuser - add a few drops and turn it on.

Application – you can apply these oils to your chest, temples, forehead, back of your neck or even on the soles of your feet. Always dilute the oils in a carrier oil first, so I’d recommend Jojoba. But it would be cost effective to get some almond sweet! I suggest 98% carrier to 2% Essential oil.

I hope these beautiful oils help you out Jaden. I'm sure school will be great, and there is nothing to worry about whatsoever. I would love to hear back from you to find out how you get on. Go into this new school with a positive, open mindset and I'm sure everything will fall into place.


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Peace out and God Bless x

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