Ivan - Candle Review

This month we have again asked one of our staff to pick a product and write a short review for you – Ivan has chosen Candles.

Before I worked at Mystic Moments it was only my wife Lydia who used candles when taking a long soak in the bath. But with the vast range of amazing scents we have for sale, we have a candle burning more often than not. Eucalyptus and Lemon for keeping flies away during summer BBQs great for this summer especially. Relaxation candle for after a long day at work or an exhausting day with the kids off school at the moment. Mystic Moments have both Essential Oil candles and Fragrant Oil candles, so if you’re all about the natural powers of Essential Oils or just getting a candle to overpower the smelly laundry pile we've got you covered, there are many more scents. So, check out the range I am sure there is something for everyone. Don’t forget they come in an amazing presentation box which makes them perfect for gifts.


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