Holiday from hell?

Hey Mystic Moments, I am so in love with my girlfriend Rachel. I really want to surprise her with a holiday, but she worries excessively about everything. She is especially petrified of flying; please help!

Charlie, 28 from London.

Charlie, it sounds like you've got yourself a real catch. If you're contacting me I can only assume reassurance alone doesn't calm her down. Life is far too short to riddle ourselves with pointless worry, and hopefully, the lady in question will reciprocate this after I reveal some of my golden top tips. This is what I call love Charlie and if you have it, never let it go.

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, and it is not proud. Love is not rude, is not selfish, and does not get upset with others. Love does not count up wrongs that have been done. Love takes no pleasure in evil but rejoices over the truth. Love patiently accepts all things. It always trusts, always hopes, and always endures. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 NCV

Rachel will love these essential oils:

Lavender English

Rose Geranium

Peppermint Arvensis


Ylang Ylang 1st

Grapefruit Pink

Citronella Java

Eucalyptus Citriodora

Tea Tree



Nervous Flyer

Ok, I'm picturing it now. Both of you smiling away at each other, head over heels, completely smitten. In your head, nothing can go wrong. Sun, sea and sand with the girl of your dreams, sounds like heaven to me. Heading to Gate 65, you're thinking to yourself, there was nothing to worry about. She is so calm and collected; you were just a little bit paranoid. Just as you're about to board your flight, out of nowhere, Rachel sees red! "I can't go on the flight Charlie." Not only are you slightly embarrassed, but you are also panicking. What do you do Charlie? Call it a day and go home? Tell her she'll be okay? Go on holiday by yourself? No Charlie, I'll tell you exactly what to do. Whip out some Lavender or Geranium, and get Rachel to inhale the sensational scents. I'm not sure about the on board restrictions of essential oils, so you could get the lovely Rachel one of these Diffuser Bracelets and apply the oils to that!

Lavender English - Known for its abilities to calm down an individual, Lavender essential oil is excellent for the management of periods of high stress.

Rose Geranium - Boasting the power to improve mental functioning and uplift your spirits. The sweet and floral smell of geranium oil calms and relaxes both body and mind.

" Wow Charlie, I feel so relaxed now. I think I can do this, I really do." She gets on, and the crowd goes wild!


Travel Sickness

Alright, phase one completed, Rachel is on board. You're over the moon; she's elated, that's another thing ticked off her bucket list. "Oh Charlie, I can't believe I got on the plane". You both kick back and relax, chomping down on the Michelin starred flight meals, watching Moana on repeat. Well done to you sir, you've managed to calm her down and get her on the flight, things are looking up. WRONG! Now she is starting to feel a little peculiar. Either that on board flight food is causing havoc, or travel sickness has arrived and is starting to rear its ugly head. "Charlie my belly really hurts". Don't fear, Peppermint and Ginger are here. Directly place one drop of peppermint and three drops of ginger essential oil on a tissue and inhale to help clear your head and settle your tummy. Once again, they may get funny about the essential oils so you could apply the oils to one of these beautiful Diffuser Necklaces. Rachel will absolutely love it. "Charlie, is that for me? It is gawjus!"

Peppermint Arvensis - This oil has been used for centuries to help manage nausea and stomach related discomfort, and while tea's or mints are good options, they don’t provide the strong therapeutic results that peppermint essential oil can. This works to settle an upset stomach and can improve digestion while reducing inflammation and spasms within the stomach and digestive tract.

Ginger - It's famous for its ability to quell an upset stomach, diarrhoea, nausea, motion sickness, and more. It’s also an oil that has been studied for years and has been proven to provide relief to these problems.

"Oh, Charlie, the smell of these two, totes amazing. I feel a lot better". Peace resumes and you're one step closer to paradise.


Jet Lag

Things are looking good, touch down! You've arrived at your mysterious destination, the sun is out, and I'm pretty sure your guns will be out Charlie. Then you start to notice this constant little voice of worry in the back of your head. "I'm tired Charlie, this isn't right." Unfortunately for you, she has put this little track on repeat. Rachel has turned into a broken record. You're also shattered, but she's got in her head that being tired is potentially a life-threatening condition. Charlie, don't despair, this is an easy fix my friend, call upon Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit Pink. Make sure to adjust your watch to the local time and make sure you both get to bed at an appropriate time. No harm in giving these oils a whiff from the bottle. Use these oils to keep you up until it's time for bed. You can also use Lavender when bedtime arrives to knock you out for a night of sleep like no other, a few drops on your pillow will do!

Ylang Ylang 1st - If you feel like you’re always tired, drained or frustrated, trying ylang ylang can help. Many people find the scent to be energising and useful for fighting fatigue or body aches.

Grapefruit Pink - Like other citrus oils, grapefruit oil has antidepressant properties that may provide a relaxing and uplifting feeling. It also has stimulating effects on your brain, which may make you more alert. Perfect oil for a cheeky little energy boost.

"Charlie, guess what? I feel fabulous!" Rachel is back up a running; this cat certainly has nine lives.


Insect Repellent

Energy levels are at an all-time high; surely the moment has come to enjoy your wonderful holiday. The both of you decide to take a romantic stroll along the breathtaking beach. Crisp white sand between your toes and views of the clear blue sea engulf your vision. Both of you start staring intensely into each other's eye's and begin to believe nothing else can surely go wrong. Until Mozzy the Mosquito decides to suck the life out of Rachel! "Charlie help me, I'm getting bitten all over." They are all over her, what are you going to do Charlie? Simple really, bring out the big dogs. Citronella Java and Eucalyptus Citriodora! These two are known for being highly effective in the repelling of insects. I recommend diluting these oils in a carrier oil such as Coconut Oil and then applying it to the skin. You only need a few drops of essential oil!

Citronella Java - Citronella oil contains many beneficial active compounds including geraniol, citronellal and citronellol. Making it great for repelling nasty pests.

Eucalyptus Citriodora - Lemon eucalyptus, is a potent natural repellent extracted from the leaves of lemon eucalyptus trees. It is readily used today in the fight against mosquitoes.

"Oh my days Charlie, the insects aren't coming near me now. You are so magic" Little do you know Rachel, I'm the one who's magic. I'm Harry Potter and Charlie is Ron Weasley.



With Rachel now oiled up all insects will be repelled, much to the disappointment of Mozzy and his boys. Lost for words Charlie? I know you're probably thinking I graduated from Hogwarts with flying colours, and you'd be right. Top of the class in Herbology, even with know it alls like Hermione Granger sniffing around. I bet you've entered a state of euphoria, but don't get use to it Charlie, because Rachel has something to say again. "Oh Charlie, my bites are soooo itchy, what if they're infected?" Worrying Rachel is back with a bang! Lucky I've equipped with the perfect tools, Tea Tree and Palmarosa. Cotton bud the infected area with either of these two oils and watch the magic unfold.

Tea Tree - Probably the most effective essential oil when it comes to bites. Its excellent properties include anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, antibacterial and the ability to heal wounds. Topically application may result in scratching prevention, swelling reductions and reduce the risk the bacteria spreading.

Palmarosa - Palmarosa is often used as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent in traditional medicine and to treat superficial wounds and infections. It is applied topically to the affected area and massaged into the skin to kill off any germs that might lead to an infection or further pain.

"My bites aren't itching anymore, and the swelling has reduced. I love you Charlie." You've done well my boy, 10 points to Gryffindor!


Suddenly the atmosphere changes, all the worry and panic is no longer present. Then Rachel will start to smile, quite possibly the biggest smile you've ever seen. "Charlie, I'm completely stress-free". Then you begin to crack out the biggest smile Rachel has ever seen, and you're both grinning at each other like Cheshire cats. You two can finally enjoy your holiday together; it's a shame you'll have to go through the majority of this again when you're flying home! Maybe you should have gone by yourself. Obviously, these series of events were conjured up in my head, so please let me know how you actually get on. I exaggerated the situation purely for comic effect so make sure you apologise to Rachel as well; I'm sure she's fantastic!

Peace out & God bless x

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