Jamie - Almond Sweet Review

This month we have again asked one of our staff to pick a product and write a short review for you – Jamie has chosen Sweet Almond Oil.

Hi everyone, today I've decided to put down the weights and write a product review. Those who know me, know I'm the strongest man in Salisbury. Those who don't know me, unlucky! Due to my vigorous workout routines, there are times when my body is completely exhausted. In moments like this, there is only one thing I need, and it's not a protein shake. It's a massage! Which is why I have decided to review Almond Sweet Carrier Oil. Ever since I was a young boy, I lived off one principle; bicep curls = gurls (spelt right). That is how I met my lovely partner, and she also loves Almond Sweet. The thing with this oil is it really hydrates your skin because it is quickly absorbed. Another bonus is the price, it's inexpensive, and it's an all-rounder. Majorly good for both skin and hair. So, when I get a massage, I always turn to Almond Sweet. You can even put some essential oils in there to make it even more useful. Well, that's a wrap, time to head back to the gym and smash out a new PB Deadlift! No pain, no gain! Next time you're in Salisbury, ask around about me. Go up to a few people and ask, “who's the strongest in Salisbury?” If they don't say me, I'll eat my own barbells.

Jamie Bicker - Strongest Man in Salisbury CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE SOME ALMOND SWEET

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