Rachel - Ultrasonic Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights


This month’s review is by Rachel on the Aromatherapy Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights.
Whilst I was reading the new employee newsletter with Daisy the pup on my lap on a Saturday morning, I stumbled across this month’s new products and was instantly drawn to the product (this was a given with me being a teen with a love for music, parties and nice smells) and immediately asked my boss to give me one!! As soon as I got home that morning, I read the instructions and set it all up using my favourite fragrant oil to fill my room (which is coffee BTW) and turned on the steam and LED light setting to really get a full list of what it can do and then connected my phone and put on my favourite playlist to test the volume which by the way is perfect. I was thoroughly impressed with this product because it’s such a clever idea and I have never seen anything like it before and neither has anyone I have shown it to since. It would make the PERFECT Christmas present – which my Dad clearly thought too as when I got in the car with it he made a point about how he was going to get that as one of my presents…Sorry, Dad! It’s perfect for all ages, genders and personalities because it’s so versatile and easy to setup and use.
So, get yourself this diffuser, put on a good playlist, diffuse your favourite scent and just relax… or dance!
You can purchase products from www.mysticmomentsuk.com . You can also take 5% off your basket using the code MM16.

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