Maddie - Sleep Assisting Essential Oil Blend Review


Sleep Assisting - Essential Oil Blend
By Maddie Hunt

As any mum who has got a young child that won’t go to sleep at night knows - it’s worth trying anything!! So I gave this sleep assisting blend a try. All the oils are relaxing and soothing – lavender, lemon,marjoram and chamomile - so they help to get Brooke to calm down, relax and drop off to sleep.

It can be used in an oil burner in her bedroom – safely out of reach of her little mitts, it can be diluted and used as a room spray, you can put a few drops in when washing the bedding,pyjamas, comforter, a couple of drops in the bath before bedtime, in cooler weather a couple of drops on the radiator – there are lots of ways of using it but just be careful they don’t get it neat on their skin. This helps her to sleep which helps me to get some sleep so we all have a good night. Winner all round!!!

You can pick one of these up from from £4.95 but you can gain an extra 5% off using the code MM16.

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