I'm no drummer but my head is banging!

Hi Mystic Moments, everyone has their kryptonite and mine is crippling headaches. I can't handle them anymore, help me out!

Zeb, 31 from Sheffield.

Hi Zeb, I can completely empathise with how you're feeling. It is figured that over half of the adult population worldwide experiences occasional headaches. While there are many over-the-counter and prescription medications available for headaches, some of these treatments have been known to cause side effects. When someone experiences headaches regularly, they may look for natural remedies, including essential oils. Just for you Zeb, I will go into greater detail in regards to what essential oils are best to use, the common causes of headaches and lifestyle changes you can adopt to reduce the number of problems you are experiencing.


Essential Oils to Reduce Headaches

Chamomile oil The main reason that people drink chamomile tea is to relax and unwind. Chamomile essential oils are known to have the same effect. Mystic Moments stock three types of Chamomile oil, Roman, German Blue and Wild Maroc. As stress and anxiety often trigger most headaches, it is only natural that chamomile oil may help treat headaches. Chamomile is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties which can also help reduce problems.

Eucalyptus oil Traditionally we have used Eucalyptus to clear sinuses and reduce inflammation for hundreds of years. People experiencing headaches due to blocked sinuses may find that inhaling eucalyptus eases their symptoms. This oil has been found to be effective at relieving pain and lowering blood pressure.

Lavender oil Classic Lavender, the oil that can do no harm. It is regularly used to help people get to sleep and to reduce stress and anxiety, which left untreated can lead to depression. Due to this many people use Lavender when they're are facing down stress-related headaches. Inhalation of lavender essential oil can be a safe and effective treatment to manage migraine headaches, and it smells great too!

Peppermint oil When Peppermint oil is applied topically, it is particularly effective at relieving tension headaches. Peppermint has been helping people for thousands of years and is one of the most popular essential oils for treating headaches. Dilute peppermint with a carrier oil of your choice and then apply this to your temples to experience the ultimate tension relief.

Rosemary oil Rosemary oil is traditionally used to heal headaches and better circulation around the body. Studies suggest that Rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties, which is why it is widely recommended as an effective headache treatment.

How to use them

There is a selection of different ways that you can use essential oils to treat a headache. These include:

• Applying oil to the temples or forehead: Essential oils need to be diluted with a carrier oil, such as Jojoba before they can be used on the skin. I would recommend 3% essential oil to 97% carrier oil to be safe. This blend can now be massaged into the temples and across the forehead.

• Inhaling oil: Essential oils can be inhaled by adding a few drops to a tissue and then holding it directly under the nose. Then proceed by breathing in deeply. You can also use a diffuser, which is a popular alternative. Check out the Bluetooth Diffusers here at Mystic Moments!

• Using a compress: Create a compress by soaking a towel in cold water, then add a few drops of essential oil. Apply the compress to the neck or forehead.

• Adding oil to the bath: Adding a few drops of essential oil to a hot bath can be a relaxing way to treat a headache.


Common Headache Causes

Identifying Triggers Try to be aware of certain foods or smells cause a headache or whether you tend to have headaches due to lack of sleep or stress. Identifying your triggers can help you change your lifestyle to assist in the avoidance of headaches.

Don't Binge Drink Dehydration can play a major part in causing headaches. Drinking too much alcohol will without a doubt make you a lot more dehydrated. Try sticking one or two drinks and drink plenty of water. If you already suffer from frequent headaches, avoiding alcohol altogether could be a better solution.

Cut Out Caffeine Most things are fine when used in moderation, and this certainly applies to caffeine. However, consuming high amounts of it can lead to headaches. If you regularly experience headaches, simply drink less caffeine. Also try your best to avoid energy drinks, as these contain a lot of caffeine in addition to other nasty and unhealthy additives that could potentially cause headaches.

Avoid Screens If you are spending far too much time staring a big bright screen, this can indeed lead to headaches. Whether you spend a lot of your time gaming or watching general TV, this is a common cause of headaches. If you, unfortunately, work in front of a computer, just make sure you take a break from the screen every 30 minutes. Get up, stretch your legs and give yourself a chance to recover!

Reduce Sun Exposure In England, sunny weather is rare, but it exists. If you live in a sunny area, too much sun may be the cause of your headaches. Sunlight has been known to trigger other common causes of headaches, like dehydration and eyestrain. If you go out in the sun, make sure you're prepared. Whip out the sunglasses and bang on a cap to reduce the likelihood of developing a headache.


Lifestyle Changes

Drink More Water Dehydration is a constant cause of headaches, so make sure you're drinking enough water daily. You are recommended to drink 2 litres of water a day. To make this easier carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. Drink water with meals instead of fizzy drinks or alcohol. Every time an opportunity to drink water presents itself to you, make sure you indulge. Definitely make sure to drink water during activities that cause dehydration, e.g. football.

Take Breaks If you're overexerting yourself at work or with physical tasks, you may end up with a headache. All this means is that you may need a rest. Throughout your day, make a habit of taking a break when required to avoid getting a headache from exhausting yourself. If you feel a headache blossoming, try and lie down for 10 minutes or so, in a dark ventilated room.

Reduce Life Stresses Stress can have an adverse effect on anyone. Too much pressure can lead to headaches brought on by anxiety. The key is to find ways to reduce stress in your life. Not only will it lessen headaches, reducing general stress can make you happier overall.

- Meditation, yoga and general relaxation are deemed to be extremely useful.

- Make a habit of reaching out to others and socialising regularly. Regular support from friends and family can aid in reducing stress.

- Talk to a therapist if you're finding it too difficult to manage your stress levels. If stress is dominating your life, it may be an indication of an underlying mental health condition.

- Develop a consistent exercise routine as aerobic exercise can reduce headaches. It can also diminish stress, which is also a common cause of headaches. If you don't already workout regularly, incorporate regular aerobic exercise into your routine.

Get Some Sleep Lack of sleep will cause a lot of problems, with headaches being the main one. If you're not getting enough sleep, this can cause difficulties. Make a habit of going to bed early each night, so you feel fresh for the coming day. Get into a routine where you go to bed and get up at the same times; this will pay dividends in the future. Adults generally need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. If you are having troubles to sleep, try and make a conscious effort to participate in a relaxing activity before bedtime, e.g. having a warm bath or reading a book.

Avoid Smoking I doubt I'll be the first or last to tell you this, but smoking just isn't good for you. Cigarette smoke can contribute to headaches due to the way it tightens blood vessels in your brain. If you are a smoker and you manage to quit, you may notice a significant relief in your headaches. If you aren’t a smoker, try your best to avoid passive smoking as much as possible.


I also would like to strongly recommend a proud product here at Mystic Moments, as it has effectively helped a lot of people. The best ways to use it would be general inhalation or diluting it with a carrier oil of your choice and applying it to your pulse points. It is also available as a candle and bath salts.

I hope this helps you Zeb, because as a migraine sufferer myself I'm fully aware how severe and painful it can get. So, please do follow these tips and get back to me with all the positive or negative changes you notice. If I was you, I wouldn't let Lex Luther know about your kryptonite.

Always remember, not all superheroes wear capes.

Peace Out and God Bless x

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