Me, My Dogs and I

Hi Mystic Moments, we have recently moved home and my two adorable dogs are finding it difficult to settle in. Please help me, I can't stand to see my little babies upset.

Phoebe, 34 from Alderholt.

Phoebe, you have come to the right place. Not only do I love dogs I was also voted 'Top Dog Whisperer 2017'. I'm just pulling your leg; I won it in 2016. That aside, I have a bit of knowledge when it comes to dogs settling in, I can go through some standard methods as well as the incorporation of essential oils.

Dogs can go through the motions similar to humans, so it's imperative to adopt a patient persona. Everyone finds the thought of moving to be stressful and miserable. This undeniable hatred affects our dogs too. There is no way to avoid the unpleasantries of moving entirely, but there are ways to make your dog's transitions a lot more seamless.


Tender, Love and Care

A good old fashioned bit of T.L.C works wonders. To helps your dog's settle they will need plenty of attention, a lot of time spent with them playing, walking, dancing or just hanging out. Sounds pretty simple right? The only issue is when you're generally moving home you will be a lot busier, and that's when missed dog walks and lack of attention start to creep in which is normal. Just make sure you commit to spending a certain amount of quality time with your dog's every day.

Keep the Old

Even dogs who have been perfectly comfortable with being left alone when you go may struggle in a new home. Most dogs are extremely place sensitive and need to learn to be okay when left alone at the new house. Try to wait as long as you can before leaving your dog alone at the new home. Even if that involves taking him along on your little adventures and keeping a member of the family at the house to keep him some company when you are out. Or even invite a familiar friend around, never leave them alone if possible. Always keep their old dog beds or blankets that they know from the old house, make sure you bring them along as these may comfort them. Also, make sure to leave them with familiar everyday things such as, chew toys, bones, tennis balls etc, to remind them of home.

Same Routines

Moving is stressful, and some of the changes involved could seriously affect how your dogs will be able to settle. Generally, you have to aim towards keeping your dog's daily routines as similar as you can to your last home. Teaching an old dog the same tricks is vital here. If you can keep their habits the same for at least the first couple of week's you are onto a winner. For example, feeding times, walkies, treat times and so on.

Essential Oils


Essential oils can be highly effective. You can use them by putting a drop of the chosen essential oil on their collar or their dog bed. You can also make a spray by simply adding a few essential oil drops to water and then spraying your dog’s fur. Putting a few drops into a Bluetooth Diffuser in the room they sleep is also another fantastic option as you can also play some soothing music. Dogs love music! Especially 'Who let the dogs out' by the Baha Men.


You can apply essential oils directly to most areas of your dog's. Make sure you dilute the essential oils first with a carrier oil. There are plenty of carrier oils to choose from at Mystic Moments. Remember to avoid applying to the eyes, nose and private areas.

The three essential oil blends I would recommend are Peace, Relaxation and Stress Relief. All designed to induce a mode of calmness and hopefully remove stress related build ups within your cute babies!


Phoebe if you follow all of these top tips and tricks your little bundles of joy should be fully settled in their new home; in no time at all. Remember, having patience is of utmost importance. If nothing is working, I suggest moving back to your old house ;).

Now here is a dog that certainly looks settled.

Peace out x

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