The Return of Sommer

This month we have again asked one of our staff to pick a product and write a short report for you – Sommer has chosen Litsea Cubeba

I have recently discovered this essential oil and I am in love. I have had so many lovely comments from strangers who have passed me by. May Chang - Litsea cubeba

Is an evergreen tree or shrub in the Lauraceae family. It is native to China, Indonesia, Taiwan and other parts of Southeast Asia, steam distilled from the small pepper like fruits.

Litsea is a lemony scent, it is an uplifting & rejuvenating great for emotional and psychological issues, colds, infections, is antifungal, anti inflammatory and can be used if you suffer from coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.

Its magickal properties are cleansing and renewal. I would highly recommend this oil to everyone.


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