I don't think I'll get the grades I want.

Hi Mystic Moments, university life is seriously taking its toll on me. I just can’t concentrate, and with exams on the horizon, I need a miracle. What essential oils can help me focus and be able to study?

Erica, 20 from Leeds.

Erica, you’ve come at the perfect time. It isn’t too late for you! Mystic Moments will get you studying in no time. We certainly aren’t guaranteeing you a 1st, but we can certainly help in the concentration department. All you need are some essential oils and a diffuser, simples.


These are five essential oils that will surely help you study.

Lemon Cold Pressed Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is a citrus oil that has terrific mood improving properties. It works by fighting off the depression and hopelessness experienced by students. You can place a few drops in your Bluetooth Diffuser or even use diffuser jewellery like these leather strapped aromatherapy bracelets to keep you in high spirits the whole day! This tasty oil is a great asset to lower stress and keep you focused on the tasks ahead.

Orange Sweet Essential Oil

Orange sweet smells delightful and has the ability to put a smile on anyone's face (not guaranteed). Exam blues are a thing of the past, with this gorgeous citrus scent. Just a whiff of that citrusy aroma is guaranteed to make you happy again. Before you study that complicated text, inhale sweet orange essential oil straight from the bottle or even use a few drops on our very own diffuser necklaces and get ready to tackle that textbook with renewed energy!

Rosemary Tunisia Essential Oil

Breathing in this herbal scent of rosemary can enhance memory and concentration. So, if you're reading the same lines over and over and over again without any of it sinking in, then it’s time you used rosemary oil! You can add a few drops to a bit of water in these oil burners and study away. In one study, it was found that compounds absorbed from the aroma of rosemary affect cognition and subjective state independently through different neurochemical pathways. Lost for words Erica? I bet you are! Studies also showed that the smell of rosemary led to an improvement in long-term memory.

Peppermint Arvensis Essential Oil

Diffusing peppermint oil during periods of study can help you remain alert and focused. It can also increase retention rates, so you can soak up as much information as you can while enjoying its minty fresh scent! Easy to use with one of the majestic, mystic jade bottles. A study carried out by The International Journal of Neuroscience showed that peppermint enhances memory and increases alertness.

Study Essential Oil Blend

This is obviously different from the others as it isn't just an individual oil, but it is a superstar of an oil blend! A massively popular choice and the perfect revision buddy – Study. This unique blend of beneficial essential oils provides a pleasant backdrop for revision and learning while promoting memory recall (Peppermint), concentration (Basil) and alertness (Rosemary). The Study Blend enables you to relax into your work and perform to the best of your ability.


Erica, give any of these a go and you’ll be knuckling down and studying in no time, scouts honour! I wish you the very best with your exams, and I hope this helps you and many others!

Peace out

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