NEW PRODUCT! - English Rose Fragrance Oil

We are proud to announce a brand new product, the wonderful 'English Rose Fragrance Oil'.

English Rose - Fragrance Oil

English Roses offer an intriguing array of fragrances, which can be fruity, tea, myrrh, musky, old rose or any mixture of these elements – in fact they have a far greater range than is to be found in any other kind of flower. Over the years, the English Roses have won many awards for their exceptional fragrances.

The light, sweet, floral scents of the English Rose are revealed to you when you burn this deluxe oil or add it to your bath. The sweetness of spring and the fragile scent of a rose embrace you and soothe and relax the mind. Perfect for burning when some much-needed stress-free, downtime is needed!

Our Fragrance Oils are specifically formulated to be suitable for soaps, candles, and both skin & Hair care items. The scents are extremely rich, complex, and long-lasting. I personally love this scent and I plan to use it in my next Soap and Candle run! Even just a few drops into my diffuser put a big smile onto my face. A great smell to be enjoyed by all!

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