I'm tired, so tired.

Hi Mystic Moments, I’m having real problems with my sleep and I was hoping you could help me out. I am so, so, so tired!

Julie, 48 from Glasgow.

Hi Julie, I’m here for one reason and one reason only and that’s to help you out. I understand how important a good old sleep can be, especially with the busy lives we all lead today. So first of all, let’s talk about sleep baby! I’m going to recommend you some of our best essential oils, top 5 style! This is in no particular order, remember that. We believe in equality here at Mystic Moments.


Top 5 Oils for Sleep


Julie no surprises here, it’s a classic. Using Lavender is like using milk in a bowl of cereal, it’s just got to be done. It can relieve all kinds of stress and can completely relax you, which will certainly help to put you to sleep. It doesn’t smell half bad either. Frankincense Super Franky Frankincense, can make anyone, and I mean anyone, sleep better at night. It’s amazing at relaxing the mind and can even reduce joint pains. Are you feeling a little bit achy Julie? Well say no more, get some Frank in! You know it makes cense.

Cedarwood I’d like my good friend Cedarwood. It’s like the other two really, it can help with stress, anxiety & will calm you down! I’m sure Robin Hood loved a bit of Cedarwood in Sherwood Forest. Valerian Root You know what Julie, I’m not going to lie. Smell wise? Valerian root is horrible! But that’s just my opinion. But the benefits far outweigh the smell. It’s one of the big dogs, maybe the terrible smell knocks you out but at least you’ll get to sleep. It naturally aids sleep, calms anxiety, lowers blood pressure and can help with muscle spasms. Eureeeeeka! Ylang Ylang I sound like a broken record Julie, but guess what? It can also reduce anxiety and stress. It can help fight depression and can also reduce joint and muscle pains. It also comes in 3 different variants. Ylang-Ylang 1st, Ylang-ylang 2nd & Ylang-ylang 3rd! It has to be a big dog! But it does slightly differ from the rest. If you’re looking to bring some magic back into that bedroom Julie, look no further. That could certainly help you sleep! It naturally increases your libido and lifts your mood, which is fantastic!


How to use them

Here are the ways to use these oils, I’ll list them all right here! Use a Diffuser - add a few drops and turn it on. Put it on before bedtime and job done. Inhale – Add about 10 drops of oil to a bowl of warm water. Stir well and then inhale. Do this for about a good 5 minutes and this should induce sleepiness. Application – you can apply these oils to your chest, temples, forehead, back of your neck or even on the soles of your feet. It’s always best to dilute the oils in a carrier oil first, so I’d recommend Jojoba. But it would be cost effective get some almond sweet! Sleep Spray – I’ve actually demonstrated this already on ‘The Great Mystic Make Off’. If you haven’t seen it Jules, go watch it now! It is seriously incredible, some say out of this world. But yeah add some of your essential oils to Witch Hazel, give it a shake and spray onto your pillow.


I hope this gives you all the help you need Julie and if it hasn’t please don’t hesitate to let me know. Oh yeah one more thing, here at Mystic Moments we already have a blend tailored to help you sleep. It’s called…… Sleep Assisting (we like to think outside the box)

Mystic Moments | Sleep Assisting | Essential Oil Blend

It has raving reviews and has been tried and tested. Julie the rest is in your hands.

Mystic Moments Love a 5 Star Review!

Peace out x

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