Elliott - Cupid's Arrow Scented Oil Blend Review

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This month’s review is by Elliott on the Cupid's Arrow Scented Oil Blend

Today I will be reviewing the product I purchased the other day, one of the infamous scented oil blends, Cupid’s Arrow. With Valentine’s day fast approaching I wanted to have an appropriate amount of time to make my girlfriend a collection of little gifts all with ‘love’ in mind and people say romance is dead… I was able to make her one beautifully scented candle, a wonderful and luxurious soap and to top it all off a cheeky little massage blend. Don’t get any ideas people, this romantic is off the market 😉. In life I like to stay two moves ahead and that’s why Valentine’s day has already been well and truly covered. It’s not about what you know folks, it’s all about who you know. Lucky for me, I know Mystic Moments. The scent itself is a little tricky to explain as you can smell all sorts! It contains Grapefruit, Ylang-Ylang, Coriander, Rosewood and a cocktail of other wonderful scents. I was a little thrown by the fact it contained both essential oils and fragrant oils, but if it smells this good. I’m all for it! I already know myself that Ylang-Ylang and Rosewood act as a natural libido which is exactly what I want in a candle! And the Grapefruit is prominent but necessary just to sweeten it all up. Ladies and Gentlemen the clock is ticking down, it’s time to strike when the iron is hot. Have no idea what to buy? Follow my lead to Libido city and never look back. Valentine’s day was made for Cupid’s Arrow and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the scent just as much as I did. (I’ve kept some for myself to use in my diffuser, shhhhhh). Mystic Moments supplied me with the arrows, all I had to do was string me a bow. It’s a shame I recently found out my girlfriend hates Grapefruit, wish me luck! Elliott – Cupid’s Apprentice

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