Michelle - Homemade Bite Soothing Cream


This month’s review is by Michelle – who is obviously very tasty to insects so has put together her own Bite Soothing Cream.

Like many people I appear to be rather tasty to garden critters. At a recent family bbq (we are refusing to give up on summer yet) I got bitten on the top of my foot. It itched a bit that evening but during the night the itching had reached fever pitch and kept waking me up, all day Sunday the itching was driving me insane and the top of my foot felt bruised to touch and was swelling up. I applied aloe vera gel, an anti-itch cream from the chemist (purchased whilst on holiday to calm the other half’s heat rash), tea tree oil, anti-septic cream and anything else I could think of that I had to hand including a bag of frozen peas. By Monday morning I came into work with a swollen foot which was red around what became clear was the site of the bite. By Tuesday morning it was driving me insane and I was asking the advice of the girls in the office and the general consensus was to try mixing some Comfrey Infused (well known for its healing properties) with some Witch Hazel (to reduce the inflammation and calm the heat and irritation). I mixed these 50/50 and applied it every couple of hours throughout the day and evening much to the other half’s confusion over the “potion” I was applying. The following morning the itching had massively reduced and the swelling and redness had stopped spreading. I carried on applying the mixture, ensuring I shook the bottle before each application as the ingredients separated whilst sat in the bottle. By Thursday the itching had stopped completely and the redness had started to recede. By Saturday I could put on my trainer without yelping at the pressure and stopped applying the mixture. These ingredients are now firmly in my medicine chest so garden beasties I am ready for you!!

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