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This month’s review is by Laura who some of you may have spoken to as she is part of our Customer Services team. She clearly has an issue with spiders so here is her method of dealing with them.

Last week, during the night, I woke up thirsty so decided to go downstairs and get myself a drink. Still half asleep I turned the landing light on and ran down the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs, there it was…. face to face with me…. the biggest, hairiest, scariest spider I have ever seen! Screaming, hysterically, running back up the stairs my husband was not at all impressed and I’m sure my neighbours weren’t either. He was not very forthcoming with getting up to help dispose of the spider and thought I was overreacting – then he saw it for himself! Trying to be brave he did remove the spider but really, I could tell, he was scared witless! I have been driving myself crazy with worry that another spider may appear and have since turned my house upside down and have quite frankly been acting like some crazy, spider hunter!

This time of year is the worst time for spiders so if you have suddenly had an infestation in your home or if you are as petrified of them as I am then you need worry no more! I have the perfect homemade recipe for a spray that DOES keep spiders away. Spiders are repelled by strong scents and many of us use the scents in our homes already. I opted for a Tea Tree Lemon Scented Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential oil but you can use any other Citrus scents, Lavender, Neem or Cinnamon if you wish.

All you need is an empty spray bottle, I used a 500ml bottle and added approximately 15-20 drops of the oil to the bottle and topped up with water, you can add a few more drops of oil if you would like a stronger scent. Pop the lid on and give a good shake. Spray around window edges and any air vents, wall edges and any other spider prone areas. I loved the smell of my spray so I gave my curtains a little spritz to 😊 I also put a little oil into my oil burners and have had them burning in the evenings. My home smells lovely and fresh and I have yet to see another spider!

You can purchase these oils from You can also take 5% off your basket using the code MM16.

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