Jake - Car Air Ionizer Purifier Review

Starting this month we are going to include a section that is a review by a member of our staff on a product of their choice. This month here is Jake’s review Car Air Ionizer Purifiers!

Forget your overpriced inedible sweet scents and your fir tree shapes. These days it’s all about the aroma air purifiers. By just plugging them into your car's cigarette lighter (do people still use them for this?) you can immediately feel the positive effect it has when releasing its negative ions cleaning and filtering the air removing any dust and pollen in the air. If you’re like me and you’re not an avid fan of hay fever and the mass attack on the nasal system during the summer months this air purifier comes as the best release and back up in the war between pollen and the bodies nervous system. Not only does it come as a vitaldefence during these summer months but coupled with some of your favourite essential oil or fragrant oil it can become the best in car air freshener in the market in my opinion. For a hay fever relief blend, the best remedy would be to use a mixture of lavender and eucalyptus as these two oils together battle against the summer blight. Personally, I use a fragrant oil. I feel cherry is the best smelling fragrant for me especially after hauling muddy football boots into the car from a rainy Saturday or putting the dog in the back of the car after an incredibly muddy and wet walk the scent of cherry is rather anticipated and rather destressing. After turning the engine off and stepping out of the car the scent of cherry oil and the knowledge that I’m protected from pollen sits comfortably in my mind knowing my aroma air purifier is in my car and one of my favourite products around to date. You can pick one of these up from www.mysticmomentsuk.com from £9.95 but you can gain an extra 5% off using the code MM16.

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